Directory of Vegetarian & Vegan Eating Establishments 2

We’ve listed all the vegetarian and vegan restaurants, cafes and food stands we’ve been able to track down around NZ. Click the headings below to go to the directory for each location.

If you run a vegetarian or vegan eatery (or a cafe or restaurant with a genuinely “vegetarian-friendly” menu) PLEASE help your business by letting our readers know about you, and if your details aren’t correct, feel free to drop us a note on the contact page at the top of the site. [Yes, can you tell we’re getting a little discouraged by the lack of info from cafes and restaurants despite the fact that this is totally free publicity for them?]

Doctor Feelgood can’t be everywhere at all times, despite his superpowers, so PLEASE, if you’ve visited a vegetarian, vegan, or very veg-friendly restaurant that we haven’t reviewed, consider writing a review for us! Thanks!





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2 thoughts on “Directory of Vegetarian & Vegan Eating Establishments

  • Lucy Galbraith

    KIND is located at the new Morningside Precinct, and created by the same collective that runs Crave. The menu is at least 80% plant based, but allows for a little bit of locally sourced, free range meat and dairy products, as to keep the meat-eaters amongst us happy (and in turn maybe lure them into more conscious consumption!). They also aim to be largely organic and are (in my humble opinion) 120% delicious.

    As it’s run by the same collective as Crave, it’s also a social enterprise. There will be events and incentives to encourage and educate people on how to be kinder to the earth and kinder to their bodies. Check out there website for the cool things they are doing as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner menus – .