Diabetes Is The ‘Black Death’ of the 21st Century And Eating Well Will Cure It 1

Do you have friends or relatives with Type 2 diabetes? Do they exist at the whim of conventional medicine? Here’s something they really need to know, writes CARRIE STEELE.


Jon McMahon

I’ve been watching an eye-opening 10-part documentary series titled iThrive – Rising from The Depths Of Diabetes And Obesity. What started off as Jon McMahon’s personal reality turned into a journey to discover the truth about these two conditions. Why do they occur, and can they be reversed or even prevented?

Let’s be clear from the start here that the series deals with curing and preventing Type 2 diabetes, a lifestyle-related condition that is about insulin resistance, which can lead to insulin deficiency. And have no doubt that Type 2 Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions worldwide. In contrast, Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune condition in which the body’s immune system turns on itself and destroys the cells that release insulin, eventually eliminating insulin production from the body. While there is an interesting section in the series about Type 1 Diabetes (ways to improve stability of blood sugar levels), it’s Type 2 Diabetes that we learn is totally preventable. There are also lots of mentions of Type 3 – which you’ll want to hear about if you’re keen on having a sharp brain well into old age.

Jon McMahon is 53 years old. He has been battling Type 2 diabetes for many years. Jon is morbidly obese, has survived a silent diabetic heart attack, and has severe neuropathy. This documentary series is Jon’s own, his personal quest to find out how to arrest his condition and restore his health.

Shortly before he set off to make the series, he burnt his feet in a campfire. Relaxing with friends on a beach, he could not feel that his feet were getting burnt. Doctors told him he should go home and put his feet up for a couple of months for the burns to heal. Committed to starting the documentary, Jon decided to ignore that advice and with heavily bandaged feet set out on a journey across North America to get the latest, often controversial information on diabetes, food and obesity.

Jon conducted over 100 interviews and talked with 55 leading experts on reversing diabetes and obesity, including Dr T. Colin Campbell, Dr Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr Dean Ornish, Dr John McDougall, Dr Michael Greger, Dr Neal Barnard and Dr Joel Fuhrman. We learn from these doctors how Big Pharma is making billions of dollars every year helping people ‘manage’ obesity and diabetes. It is little surprise that ‘managing’ is the goal. Conventional medicine has failed us when it comes to diabetes and obesity because currently medicine is treating symptoms rather than causes. Consider these chilling words, spoken by one expert, that “this could be the first generation of children not to have the life expectancy of their parents”.

In the series you’ll learn a lot about money, medicine and myths. For instance, that Lipitor, a statin drug commonly prescribed as a lipid-lowering agent and for prevention of events associated with cardiovascular disease, is the biggest selling drug of our times. Why aren’t doctors telling people that they can arrest and turn around Type 2 diabetes? Overweight kids are on a trajectory to a life of ill health. Although Type 2 diabetes sufferers tend to be overweight, often obesely so, even skinny people can be at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Consider that by the 1800s, the average American’s intake of sugar was about nine pounds per year. Today, it is over 150 pounds per year. One of the people you’ll meet in the series is Debora, whose mother and seven siblings all died from Type 2 diabetes. Debora avoided that fate by doing things differently, and beat her genes. There are lots of Debora’s out there, changing their lifestyles to change their future.

Type 2 diabetes is a pre-cursor to other major diseases, like heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and cancer. People don’t die of the diabetes, they die of one of the major diseases it brings on. This series is all about learning how to shut down the disease and thrive again. It can be done. It is being done, right now. In the final episode, Dr Joel Fuhrman gives Jon the ‘no B.S.’ meal plan, and you’ll also hear from people who’ve turned their own health around and are thriving, free from the perils of pharmaceutical drugs commonly prescribed for Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Right about now you’re probably wondering what it is that the series reveals, how can you turn around Type 2 diabetes and weight issues and thereby avoid all of their complications?

I’ll give you a clue, it’s not difficult, and it won’t make any money for the pharmaceutical companies. Both of these conditions are dietary diseases, which can be cured by diet.

If you, or anyone you know suffers from Type 2 diabetes, or struggles with weight issues, I urge you to tell them about this documentary series. Regardless of whether you have diabetes though, this series is a game changer, and it offers up life-saving advice that we all need to hear. Particularly so because Type 2 diabetes takes years to develop and by the time a diagnosis is made, major damage has already been done to the body. Please don’t go thinking this is just a series for fat people, it’s for all of us – it’s a series about how to thrive. Every episode opens with this inspiring quote, which reminds us that it is never too late to make a change: “The Lotus is a flower that grows in the mud; the deeper and thicker the mud, the more beautiful the Lotus blooms.” This series teaches us “how to rise from the mud of a toxic environment, and thrive again”.






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One thought on “Diabetes Is The ‘Black Death’ of the 21st Century And Eating Well Will Cure It

  • Malinda

    Hi guys, I watched I thrive too. I already knew about the low fat plant based diet and was already eating that way as I had insulin resistance. I was recently tested again and I have reversed it, I don’t have insulin resistance. I only wish we could get this info to more people. I work in a hospital and see how sick everyone is from the way they eat but know one knows any better. Knowledge is power.