About Doctor Feelgood

Doctor Feelgood is a different kind of health and wellbeing webzine.

We have built it as a definitive resource for New Zealanders, but we hope it will be useful to everyone, everywhere.

Our promise to you is that we’ll never jump on the diet bandwagon, because we’re not playing around with our health, or yours, but looking for results that will last a lifetime – and by that, we’re talking about good health for a lifetime, not simply fatuous fluctuations in weight.

When we say “health and wellbeing” we mean the wider picture: the health and wellbeing of our bodies, our emotional bearing, and the health of the planet that we rely on for our sustenance.

Conscious with a conscience, we believe that health and wellbeing is about not only treating our own bodies with the respect they deserve, but also looking to the welfare of the environment we live in, and of the other animals that share our environment.

With that in mind, our eating is unapologetically plant-based, and environmentally friendly, not because we’re hippies, but because our stance is backed up by the body of scientific evidence.

In 2012, team leaders Gary Steel and Ashley Kramer decided to create a website based on what they wanted to read, not what some marketing expert told them would work in their “niche”. Neither the diet industry nor Big Pharma are working, and we need a new guidebook . We need super new cuisine that can whip up a health revolution, exercise for life, and a way for health revolutionaries to make connections, and that’s what Doctor Feelgood is all about.

Doctor Feelgood – as the name suggests – is a defiant jump for joy. We love life and great food and living to our full health potential. We’re not a freaky underground alternative, but the vanguard of a new way of thinking about health and wellbeing, and of celebrating the results.

Our aim is to bring independent journalists, writers, observers and experts to this webzine to help us all navigate our way through what can often be a hostile environment; especially in a country with its primary industry revolving around intensive agriculture, and where sausage sizzles are seen as a viable fundraising initiative.

Overwhelmingly, Doctor Feelgood will be celebratory, with great advice about health and food choices and plenty of great information. But there will also be features and opinion columns on ethics, animal welfare and related issues of conservation.

We welcome new writers, contributors, and ideas, for please get in touch if you would like to be involved.

Who we are –

Gary Steel: Raised in Hamilton near the phosphate-enriched grass of Waikato’s cow country, Steel’s best friends as a child were his cat Poof, guinea-pig Bandit and budgie Joey, and turned vegetarian at 17 when it dawned on him that there was intrinsically no difference between a lamb, cow or much-loved pet. His 30-odd years in journalism have mostly revolved around his interest in the arts, but increasingly, Steel has been drawn to penning words about the subjects at the heart of his life: health and the ethics of eating and consuming.






Ashley Kramer: Born in the meat-heating heartland of South Africa, Kramer cut back on red meat back in the mid ’90s for health reasons (eating way too much meat didn’t seem like a good idea). He soon registered the fact that he felt far better without meat, and also started seriously thinking about animal welfare. He went fully vegetarian in 1996 and never looked back, eventually going vegan in 2012. He’s a health and fitness nut who eats a protein-rich diet loaded with raw foods and super foods but he’s also a lover of great vegan food (Thai, Indian and sushi in particular) and can be relied on to know where to find the best cheap veg eats in Auckland and his new home base Tauranga.


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