Raw Power

WHEN IT COMES to raw food, I’ve gone on at length on this site about how good it makes me feel, how healthy raw food is and occasionally proclaiming my surprise at how little cooked food it takes to make me feel semi-average again.

Yet I still fall into the trap of eating cooked food when I know I should be going raw, raw and raw.

As I’ve covered in recent posts in my Bikram Yoga series, I’ve started a 30 Day Challenge, which is simply to do 30 classes in 30 days. At the same time, I picked up a new electric wok. Now bear in mind that I love stir-fries, so a wok is going to see heavy use around my place, especially since I worked out a way to make the whole meal using just the wok – no rice cooker or pot needed – bachelor laziness wins out again.

My stir-fries have a lot of vegetables in them, and those veggies are cooked just till they’re crispy. I’m definitely not turning them into the kind of sludge you think of when you hear the words “mushy peas”. In fact they’re not too far from raw but like it or not, they’re still cooked. And cooked food just doesn’t work for me in the way that raw food does.

DrF-StirFryEating two of these stir-fries a day (told you I like them) has left me feeling a bit flat at times. Sure I’m doing 90 minutes of hot yoga a day and still going to gym and doing cardio but my vegan instinct told me that my diet wasn’t quite keeping me going like it should.

As soon as I shelved the stir-fries and got back into big salad bowls, I started to feel better, with more energy and vitality. Gee, imagine that. Raw onion beats cooked onion every time and the same goes for all the other bits and pieces that go into the wok. The problem is that I really, really enjoy stir-fries (as we’ve seen), so I don’t want to stop eating them, particularly as we head into winter with me staying in a place that’s a more appropriate home for a brass monkey – it’s cold out here thanks to a lack of insulation and minimal sun during the day. The solution was simple – I just added a side salad to my stir-fries. More veggies, some of them raw and I’m back on track.

Raw till four? I’m thinking raw till 94! Maybe I should do a 30 Day Raw Challenge? ASHLEY KRAMER

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