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Rachel Walker discovers that having a taste for chocolate can actually be healthy.

RawChocoI HAVE FOUND the secret to life. It’s called living “la dolce vita” (the sweet life), literally.

Now it really doesn’t take too much to make me happy, especially when happiness obviously comes in the form of raw chocolate that just melts in your mouth. There should really be a warning on the packaging though: “guaranteed to be consumed within an hour of purchase”.

At my local organic store I asked one of the girls what brand of raw chocolate was in her opinion the best chocolate of them all, as I was spoilt for choice with the selection there. She wasted no time in directing me to Loving Earth’s Organic Crunchy Mint Raw Chocolate in the bar form. I’ve already tried this flavour and others in LE’s 50g Luvju heart-shaped size (perfectly convenient for a treat on the run), so I was intrigued when she pointed out that the bars are of a different texture – silky smooth, to be exact.

Also rather conveniently, Loving Earth’s chocolate delectables were cheaper than those other brands. I was sold. But it gets better. I can indulge in this when I embark on an initial trial run of eating raw for a week that I hope to write about here at Doctor Feelgood soon-ish. Let’s do the happy dance now.

Alongside an array of other flavours, these beauties also dangerously come in a larger 100g size that has my name written all over it for a future shop. They have used organic raw agave syrup which is a natural, low GI sweetener in place of sugar, and are vegan friendly as well as gluten free (some chocolate isn’t!) – what’s not to love, really?

I paid $6.95 for a 45g bar, because I’m starting to realise that quality beats quantity nearly every time. I have this really great idea that next time I’ll gently grate some over a bowl of macadmia & berry Grawnola adorned with some Coconut yoghurt, but my lotto numbers haven’t come up yet so…

Let’s be honest: I have somewhat of a mega crush on Loving Earth and their ethics as documented in this interview I did with them earlier this year here.

In time I’m sure they’ll see that they need to in fact move half their business across the ditch to NZ where I guess I’ll begrudgingly accept their immediate offer to be chief taste tester.

But in the meantime, have you tried any of Loving Earth’s products and did you have a favourite? I’m always keen to hear of a potential lustworthy treat. Or help you “share”. RACHEL WALKER

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One thought on “Raw Chocolate Bliss

  • AshK

    I can testify that the Loving Earth chocolate, although more expensive than any I’ve ever tried, is gloriously yummy and worth every cent.