Rachel’s Quad-Stacker Sandwiches

AFTER A VIGOROUS display of unpacking after arriving at our holiday destination, I realised that I had a dilemma. Approximately 2.5 metres away, a hungry mammoth of a beast of the vegan variety was growling and eyeing up three days’ worth of carefully arranged food and condiments. The pressure was on.

It needed to be hearty and delicious tucker, and it had to be fast.

Distracting him by mumbling and pointing at various objects in another room, I managed to deflect his rather short attention span for just enough time to whip up this nosh below:

DrF-RW-Quad-StackerRachel’s Quad-Stacker Sandwiches

On 4 slices of crusty wholegrain bread doused in hummus (I used Lisa’s Hummus with Dukkah and Roasted Pistachio, tres fancy), generously layer a sliced and diced variety of whatever your imagination (and fridge) can conjure up. I went mad like a three-year-old’s finger-painting and threw what I could scavenge on the pile. Here’s what I came up with:

Salad mix
Red pepper
Kalamata olives

Then season with herbs and spices, add some pesto and allow said beast to quietly make his way back into the dining room without breaking the floorboards.

It seemed to really hit the spot for him, but then again I have a funny feeling that perhaps next time, he’ll have the cheek to ask for seconds.


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