Rachel Walker’s Vegan Pizzas

INVITED ROUND FOR supper at the Walker residence on a balmy summer’s eve, I was impressed to find a simple approach to vegan pizza that turned out to be the perfect meal to end the long day.

These pizzas are just so easy to make but they’re also heaps of fun to prepare. The key is variety in the ingredients.

Ready to go in the oven, you can tell which one the bloke made!

Ready to go in the oven, you can tell which one the bloke made!

Start off with the pizza bases of your choice – these were made using the gluten free bases from Phoenix. No cheese or tomato paste is added to the base of these non-traditional pizzas, instead they’re coated with a generous helping of the wonderfully versatile Waiheke Island Herb Spread (reviewed here) and on top of this, we just added our own choices from a wide selection of fresh ingredients including:



Fresh basil

Fresh parsley




Olive Oil



Pine nuts

Kalamata olives



DrF-RW-Pizza2I added some of Angelfood’s Cherub Bellissimo powdered dairy-free Parmesan powder just for a taste of cheese, although Miss Walker gets enough cheese just associating with me, so she abstained.

Follow the cooking instructions of the bases but as the chef said “Cook them till the veggies are tender and the bases crisp and get stuck in”. Yum! ASHLEY KRAMER

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