Rachel Walker’s Simply Superb Smoothie Recipe 2

DrF-RW-smooooothieI’M STILL AS stubborn as ever on my journey of healing my body without the ridiculous amounts of drugs that the lab coat wearers are always wanting to mask the issues with. So I choose natural and healthy options whenever I can.

For example, this smoothie is packed with powders that work for me personally but it really is limitless – feel more than free to adapt my recipe to your heart’s delight to see what works for you, your budget or what’s lurking in your cupboard. Feeling good does not need to break the bank, and I’ll change this around once certain products are used up.

Maybe you’re like me and saw Christmas and Boxing Day as two really good days to pour as much sweet stuff into your body as humanly possible, nana nap and then repeat. I’m rather ashamed to admit what my Boxing Day birthday dinner was, so let’s appreciate the sugar junkie that lives inside of me, and just move on. The good news though is that aside from helping the body to heal, drinking this smoothie first thing in the morning will help your body spruce up after a holiday binge fest, and it’ll help you to look sharp. It’s also great as a filling, energy boosting breakfast on the run.

I try to be cool and drink it in a jar, but I was just told by a jovial family member that it reminds him of “those people that drink homemade moonshine whiskey”. Basically implying that I look like a homeless alcoholic, coolness status achieved.

Without further ado, here’s the recipe:

• 1 banana

• a handful of fresh berries (or frozen)

• 1/2 avocado

• 1 tbsp yoghurt (I use Coyo coconut yoghurt for a vegan alternative, but you might be flash enough to make your own.)

• 1 tbsp maca powder (maca is great for energy, boosting immunity, reducing stress and it’s vitamin PACKED among 500 billion other things. Basically it makes you a super hero.)

• 1 tsp spirulina powder (all the good stuff plus it’s especially great for vegans and vegetarians because of its plant based protein content.)

• 1 tsp flax fibre (essential dietary fibre, soothes the digestion and detoxes the body. Hey good lookin’.)

• 1 tsp slippery elm powder (lines the gut, protects it from copious amounts of crappy food. It’s your go-to whenever your gut feels off.)

• 1 tsp kelp powder

• Molasses – adjust to your body size. I’m petite so I aim for only a couple of drops.

• Juice of choice (I’m using freshly made apple juice today.)

DrF-RW-smooooothie-2If you’ve got anything you take that’s in a powdered capsule form, then use it. Simply open and empty the contents into the blender and voila. I add in my gut probiotic, which saves me from being a watered up seal.

Again, there are so many ways to make this recipe work for you, and don’t stress if all those powders look like they cost a Lotto man’s winnings (they’re really not that expensive, especially when you consider the small quantities used in each smoothie.)

So go on, do it. Get green. RACHEL WALKER


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