NZ product aims to keep fresh stuff fresher

A NEW PRODUCT that’s intended to keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer has been designed by a New Zealand company, which sounds like good news for those of us who eat a lot of the good fresh stuff.

beFresh by Everfresh Partners is a sachet that reduces the ethylene gas emitted by fruit and vegetables in refrigerators. Ethylene acts as a ripening agent for a number of different fruits and vegetables, so cutting down the amount of the gas in the crisper drawers should enhance the freshness and the useful life of fruit and vegetables.

Everfresh Partners manager Pravin D’Lima says that “The missing link in the supply chain is the domestic refrigerator. The ethylene emitting produce is chucked in the fridge with ethylene sensitive food, accelerating the ripening process. The result is huge wastage of good fresh food. Our product interrupts the ripening process and delays wilting and yellowing of leafy green vegetables such as celery, broccoli, lettuce and cabbage, and the softening of fruit. Kiwifruit for instance, is an ‘enemy’ of apples which emit the ethylene gas. beFresh will double the shelf life of fruit and vegetables in fridges.”

beFresh is a small gas-permeable sachet of potassium permanganate or sodium permanganate. It has a moisture-proof cardboard lining and a suction cup to allow it to be secured to the side of the crisper drawer. So you just pop it in place and enjoy fresher produce for 30 days.

beFresh is currently available in NZ supermarkets and on TradeMe.

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