Nothing Is That Simple

Sometimes those thoughts just keep on niggling. Rachel Walker spits them out.

imagesSINCE BECOMING VEGAN last year after the majority of my childhood as a vegetarian, I still feel like an outsider. I’m most definitely still learning, but there’s some things on both sides of the food fence that get me even more confused.

• I want to loudly shout the ‘v’ word to people who question my lifestyle choice, so that I can firmly slam the door on the awkward verbal prodding that will otherwise no doubt follow. Just leave me and my salad alone!
• I have never partaken in watching animal cruelty videos. Maybe it’s a mental block, but I can’t sit and watch 53754fbcd54f380cce5456ee03cb7b84something I care about get brutalised on any scale. Not even those SPCA rescue shows that my Nana loves to watch.
• I’ve tried ‘meat substitutes’ and I don’t like many of them. Especially the overly realistic ones where you struggle to tell the difference. I didn’t make my lifestyle choice so that I could pretend to eat chicken tenders. The logic is so very lost on me.
• I don’t agree that eggs and fish are part of a vegetarian diet. And I won’t change my mind on the matter. As far as fish goes, stop trying to jump on the ‘v’ bandwagon – you’re wildly misinformed, just ask those mermaids.
• “Thou shall not kill” does not have a side-note that says: “But those pesky animals, those are fine, just don’t forget to eat their babies, drink their milk and then go on your merry way”.
• And I’ve recently found out the potato chips I’ve been eating for a very long time possibly have flavour enhancers derived

Cochineal bugs are ground up to make red colouring in food products.

Cochineal bugs are ground up to make red colouring in food products.

from sardines, so go to your pantry right now and grab a few of your packaged goods. Check those pesky numbers that tag themselves to your ingredients list at the URL below and enjoy the party. Sometimes for some of us, ignorance has been bliss, I’m sure. RACHEL WALKER

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