Meringue Mania

Our girl guinea piglet, Rachel Walker, scoffs herself some vegan Love Bites.

Vegan MeringuesI WAS RECENTLY complimented for being rather old fashioned, and I modestly agree. Snail mail? Yes please. So I was very happy to answer the door this morning and be handed a package addressed to yours truly from a jolly gentleman. Inside was a punnet of Angel Food’s Love Bites, the vegan meringues that I have been salivating over in my daydreams of late.

How can you not smile at that name? It immediately conjures up images of scorned women on couches with their feet curled beneath them watching chick flicks. “Who needs a man when you can indulge in guilt-free (and gluten-free) treats such as these,” I can imagine them thinking as they smirk wickedly.

I really hoped that they lived up to the hype I had created inside my head. I took one sea shelled shaped meringue and took a small bite – The Rachel Bite as it’s more commonly known. They were crunchy, with just the right balance of sweetness and flavour. It was then that I knew they weren’t going to last the day, let alone to lunchtime.

I asked Alice Shopland, owner of Angelfood and Cherub Dairy-Free, what the reaction had been like so far. “Feedback has been all positive – including from non-vegans who eat regular meringues! The idea came about because I love the challenge of veganising recipes.”

1385123_10151920797707171_547550659_n“This week we’re blending our first batch of Cloud Nine, a mix for making a dairy-free whipped topping – perfect to go with the meringues”.

I can not friggen wait.

Overall, in my honest sweet-toothed opinion, these are really, really good. I just want to grab them and delicately coat them in a china bowl of cream and strawberries and then eat them while drinking small cups of tea like a lady. Or on the back of a bad-ass motorbike that no-one seems to think I should ever contemplate getting a license for, though I can’t fathom why… RACHEL WALKER
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