Key’s Animal Gaffe

Prime+Minister+John+Key+Supports+Red+Puppy+__-mYQ8Gy3slSO OUR PRIME Minister is outraged that the testing of animals to determine the safety of legal highs will continue under current legislation, which on the face of it sounds really grand.
While eccentric tosspot John Banks was the only MP to vote against animals being used in the testing of legal highs last year, it’s nice to see that John Key has come to his senses on this important issue. But has he?
Um, no. He wants to save cute animals, the ones we love to love, companion animals. But as for rats, they’re not cute, people don’t care about rats, so let’s use them!
These are the kind of distinctions that Adolph Hitler used with humans: if they were Aryan, or could be of some assistance (like the “yellow peril), then they were worth keeping alive. But as for those infernal Jews, and any Germans that were different… homosexual, crippled, insane or simply not very intelligent, send ‘em to the gas chamber!
Animal rights activists well know the holes in the intelligence argument. Again, is an intellectually handicapped human less worthy than a MENSA member? Well no, of course not. It’s logical that any human being capable of enjoying life has the same right to experience that life.
19963115a9370640882lThe same logic holds for animals. Different species have vastly different brains, and some are notably more human-like in their intelligence, but does that make them more important than the species that seem a little stupid from our perspective? Of course not. Again, we’re talking about sentient beings here, and the whole thing should pivot on their ability to enjoy life, and just as important – to experience pain.
But we know that our Prime Minister isn’t bothering himself about ethical issues, not really. It’s a joke to think that he really cares about animals, when he has actively promoted increasing intensive dairying, and scientific research into contraptions to surgically alter sheep.
We know by now that it all comes down to saying whatever will appeal to the greatest number of woolly-thinking Kiwis, which means it’s all about business, and business is John Key’s business, after all.
So he’s suddenly showing concern for testing on ‘companion’ animals, which makes the gigantic assumption that dogs and cats are inherently more important and worthy than rats, except that it’s not even about that, it’s just about appealing to those hundreds of thousands or “ordinary Kiwis” who think the same way: that because dogs and cats have a relationship to humans, and because the perception is that they exist to serve us as companion animals, that this makes it okay to grab a rat and torture it and make its life a misery. In Key’s world, the fact that a rat is just like any other animal in every important way, and is intelligent enough to enjoy life and to feel pain, is totally irrelevant.
John-Key-with-hatAnd that’s just one of the many things that makes John Key a smiling assassin. Those of us who do care for species’ other than just our own should see that this man does not get to hold the reigns of power after this year’s election. GARY STEEL

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