Humanimal – Salad Days 2

Gary Steel reckons every carnivore should be tied down and have to comprehend the fact that a salad isn’t just cos lettuce and a slice of tomato.

IMG_1089I DON’T HANG out in Newmarket much. It just doesn’t appeal. Maybe it’s because the idea of perusing overpriced stores for leather goods, whether they’re handbags or shoes, doesn’t rock my boat.
I had to grace the suburb with an appearance last Friday, however, so I took the rare opportunity to grab a bit of lunch from Wise Cicada.
With their vast selection of salads, I had no excuse to turn up my nose, despite the typical winter tendency to pine for comfort food like soups and stodge.
I wasn’t disappointed. I asked for a large salad, and the counter assistant asked which salads I would like. How many can I have? As many as you want, she said. Hmm, but I didn’t know what any of them tasted like. Okay, I told her, I’m feeling experimental, just go for YOUR recommendations, the ones YOU think are the best Wise Cicada has to offer!
This amazing plate cost the sum of $13.50, every mouthful was a riot of texture and taste and goodness, and what’s more, I couldn’t even finish the plate (much to my shame).
Every carnivore should be tied down and made to comprehend that a salad isn’t just some wilted lettuce leaf and a slice or two of tomato. What’s amazing about Wise Cicada salad is the fact that you couldn’t possibly make a plate with this kind of variety on it at home. Each part of the salad is a wee masterwork, all on its own, and would take quite some time to whip to perfection.
This is probably going to sound idiotic, but as I munched away I genuinely felt like my body was absorbing the goodness, and that with every bite I was benefiting in a very real sense from the food.
Carnivores and even many vegetarians and vegans often subconsciously think of salad as something that won’t sustain the body for an hour or two, but this salad – packed as it was with a riot of protein and other great stuff – kept me going until dinner time, and unusually, I wasn’t dipping into my nut jar for a pre-dinner snack.
I wish Wise Cicada would open a branch near me, for entirely selfish reasons. Totally yum. GARY STEEL

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2 thoughts on “Humanimal – Salad Days

  • Rachel Walker

    Oh yum! I’ve heard of this place several times, but now it will definitely feature on my ‘places to eat’ when I make the trip to Auckland. I can’t really think of too many places that $13.50 would get me such a good looking meal, especially seeing as I’m really not a salads gal at the best of times.

  • Pete

    Such an amazing place… not just for the cafe though. The grocery items are fantastic too. I tend to do a fortnightly shop there for everything from beans to protein powders. Brilliant.