How We’ve Been Bought

Have we been bought? Carrie Steele discusses a film that reveals the corporate machinations behind vaccines and GMOs.



boughtBOUGHT – A MINDBLOWING film by Jeff Hays – is a real eye opener, focusing on how our health is literally being bought by big business, with vaccines and GMO being the central concerns.


The subject of vaccines has long been a controversial one. Don’t be put off by the thought of being left in turmoil as to what’s the right or wrong answer. This film doesn’t outright tell us not to vaccinate our children, but rather that the choice of doing so should be an educated one, rather than a blind decision that we have no choice in. Did you know that in the USA for example, in many states children aren’t allowed to attend public schools unless they have adhered to the recommended vaccine schedules? That effectively removes the ‘choice’ aspect from parents in one fell swoop. Currently in the USA 110 legislative bills are being proposed in 36 American states that would remove philosophical/conscientious exemptions to vaccine mandates. Imagine that! If you’d like to read more about those bills, read about it here.


Though it’s easy to sit back and say that’s “only in America”, I think it’s naïve to believe that NZ is in any way exempt, or even removed from the issues discussed in films such as this. The same issues affect us here as in the USA, and while currently the political stance in this country allows us more freedom on certain issues, we must be vigilant as a nation to make sure that this always remains the case. Closer to home, Australia recently announced its “No Jab No Pay” policy, saying that it would tighten up welfare eligibility for parents who don’t immunise their children. Apparently, doctors there are also to be given ‘incentive payments’ for promoting vaccines so that parents stick to their children’s vaccination schedule. I understand that on the surface that might sound to a like a sensible way of ensuring ‘slack parents’ are forced to get around to having their children innoculated, but on the other hand, it would also be removing the aspect of choice from parents who conscientiously choose to avoid vaccinating their children for health or other personal reasons. That cannot be a good thing.


The second focus of Bought is GMOs. This is a subject that all New Zealanders need to pay particular attention to, so that we are all reminded of why New Zealand remains GE free. Just this past week it was reported that the NZ Government is coming under pressure to relax the rules on the use of genetic engineering. Treasury and the Ministry for Environment apparently believe that “the current rules are costing the country millions”. The Chief Executive of the Crown-owned research facility Scion, which is approved for GM field trials, was quick to agree that relaxing these rules would be a good idea, no doubt because doing so would likely allow them to get their ‘faster growing pine trees’ project up and running, where under current laws, commercial release is difficult.


bees-found-dead-elmwood-ontario-canada-large-planting-gmo-corn-seed-treated-neonicotinoid-pesticidesI sincerely hope that any public approval towards changing our current stance on GM rules would be difficult to garner. It may start with pine trees and seem very innocuous, but it will not stop there. It will open the flood gates to our food system being infiltrated. Rather than the forward step that proponents of GMOs would have us believe we would be taking, we’d simply be bought – and at a time when there is significant resistance gaining momentum worldwide on the subject of GMOs.


German farm company KTG Agrar recently announced that it plans a major expansion of food and grain sales to China after a unit of Chinese group Fosun International bought a stake in KTG. China’s middle class is around 700 million people and KTG see strong demand there for organic German foods free of GMOs. Interestingly, one of the projects undertaken so far this year by Jeffrey Smith’s Institute For Responsible Technology was dubbing the movie Genetic Roulette into Chinese and mounting a campaign to educate the Chinese government and population about GMOs.


More and more people worldwide are waking up to the knowledge that for the past 20 years or so, GMOs have been unleashed on the world in what has been nothing more than an uncontrolled experiment, using a generation of humans as the guinea pigs. Though it’s difficult to make light of the subject, this entertaining 5-minute video tells the success story of Monsanto, the company that “has control over as much as 90 percent of seed genetics on the planet”.


The evidence is clear that over the past 20 years (a time of increased vaccines, introduction of GMOs and increased use of pesticides and herbicides) our health has declined; and despite the billions of dollars spent each year on healthcare and awareness programmes. It’s time to open our eyes to what is so patently obvious, if we take the time to look. We must not continue to be swayed into believing that searching for ‘cures’ is the answer, while continuing to ignore obvious ‘causes’ often on the very ground on which we stand.


GMO-foodsWatch the film – and then decide, do you want to be bought? – CARRIE STEELE


* Learn more about Bought, the movie, here.



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