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Humanimal – Daily life of the vegetarian #16

horsemeat-header.jpgxSO BURGER PATTIES in England have been “contaminated” with European horsemeat. Whoop-de-doo-dah!
There’s nothing like a food scandal to expose the double standards of meat eaters.
What’s the big difference between eating beef and horse? It’s not about hygiene, so what’s the problem? Is it about the quality of the patty? But surely, meat is meat is meat is meat. Is it an animal welfare issue? But horses are routinely sent to “the knackers yard” when they get too old to be of service to humans, to be butchered for pet food, so that argument doesn’t stack up. And humans have been killing and eating horses as long as any other animal.
Pig DNA was also found in the patties. For meat eaters, isn’t that a good thing – unless you’re Kosher?
Meat Prices Expected To Increase Higher Due To Midwest FloodingOkay, so as a general principal, every single food item bought from a supermarket should state its component parts, what they are, and where they come from. But proper food labeling is a long way off, and is another huge subject that Doctor Feelgood will explore over time.
But really, why would anyone who is willing to eat a burger patty have a problem with horsemeat? The kind of people who buy pre-packaged meat patties for burgers shouldn’t really care, should they? They’ve already shown themselves to be blithely unaware (that is, willfully ignorant) of which country the meat originated, and will happily take home a product that could raise their blood pressure, contribute to heart disease (and hospital bills paid for by the whole of society, including people who eat well), encourage bad eating amongst family groups, and more. And that’s all without considering the ethics of eating animals, and the mighty wall of indifference required to happily consume the flesh of animals that have likely been raised and slaughtered in habitually tortuous factory environments.
The real outrage here isn’t the “scandal” of discovering horsemeat in burger patties, but that there’s a willing audience for burger patties in the first place. GARY STEEL

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