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WHILE ATTENDING A SAFE NZ ‘Go Veg’ talk this evening in Grey Lynn, Auckland, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the SAFE team had arranged for some food to be served afterwards. Actually, I was more than pleasantly surprised: I was thrilled, especially when I found out that the food was home made by a vegan chef who’d just started her own business. The rather delightful Andrea is the lady behind La Chimba Wholefood Kitchen.

Chipotle Chile

Chipotle Chile

Andrea offers ready-made meals for the health conscious – frozen meals for time-poor people who still want to eat well. Meals that are plant based, vegan, seasonal, organic where possible and free of preservatives and junk. This is exactly the kind of service that makes sense to me, as I sometimes arrive home after a long day of wrangling ad agency folk, only to be met by a fridge and pantry that are less than welcoming.

As Andrea puts it on her website: “This selection of frozen meals was inspired by my own experience of looking for something warming, nourishing and healthy on those days when I just couldn’t find the time to cook.”

The current menu includes:

North African Chickpea Stew $10.99
Chipotle Chile $11.99
Black Bean Enchiladas $11.99
Slow Roasted Vegetables on Puy Lentils $12.99



These meals are currently available from Wingate Superette, 1/2057 Great North Road, Avondalek, but deliveries in central Auckland are available for orders of $50 or over.

Andrea also mentioned that she caters but hasn’t started promoting this as yet, so if you’re looking for someone to put some good vegan food on your table for an event, she might be the one to do it. After sampling her cuisine this evening, especially that spicy chocolate mousse, I reckon I’ll be adding a few of her meals to my freezer (for emergency use of course).

There are a couple of recipes on her site – the Creamy Avocado Salsa is on my to eat list this weekend! Check it out here.


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3 thoughts on “Home Made Vegan Ready Meals In Auckland

  • Heather Barker

    Hi Andrea,
    I am fairly new to plant based eating and stumbled upon it when my husbands health took a downturn due to psoriatic arthritis that continued to worsen resulting in him having to take some pretty nasty drugs. We changed our diet to Vegan/ plant based and his inflammatory markers dropped from 8 right down to 0!!!
    I have a dilemma. We are flying up to Auckland on 22nd December for Christmas and im having no luck trying to find somewhere that i can order a Christmas meat substitute or even several nice Christmas dishes for 4 Adults. (2 of them aren’t Vegan but are happy to eat wot we are). Im even happy to buy 3 or 4 days worth of meals. Even a nice vegan meatloaf, salads, vegetable dishes or something a bit different to the curries that is all i really know how to make would be wonderful. R u selling any dishes for Christmas time, or do u know of anywhere that I could get something? I would love any suggestions,
    Thanks heaps, Heather Barker.