Green Goodness Soup

Sometimes we’re just too busy to cook, and that can be terrifying for a vegan, especially in the alien territory of the supermarket. Rachel Walker explains how she found something good.

THERE ARE TIMES when being a vegan with food sensitivities reminds me of a bad cartoon show. Picture the main character driving comically in all directions and very possibly irritating other drivers in the process while trying to pull off the innocence of an angel, and you have yours truly when I’m headed out on the hunt for a quick and healthy takeaway option for my dinner.

Working against me this particular time, however, was that I was out of town, and unfamiliar with the local eats on offer. All I could see was row after row of fish & chips shops trying to tempt me with their specials of buy three scoops of fat and get a small heart attack – for free! No thank you kind sir, I’d rather scratch my eyeballs out.

It seemed like I had no other choice. I had to do it. I had to go to the dreaded supermarket.

Now, supermarkets aren’t quite my food playground of choice. I don’t particularly like playing hide-and-go- seek with unnamed ingredients on packaged goods that I’ll regret later, so where possible I try to shop local, supporting the little guys and if my budget can stretch to it, organic.

But here I was with a fair bit of apprehension as I entered the big jolly green building. I had come to terms that I was moments away from parting with my precious money for a very sad looking salad mix when out of the corner of my eye, a glistening chiller on the other side of store beckoned me over. I had nothing to lose. There I was greeted by a rather handsome crowd that go by the name Tasty Pot Co, which while I have heard of them numerous times before, hadn’t gotten around to trying.

My Green Goodness soup had me leaving the store feeling like a brand new woman. Filled with broccoli, spinach, courgette and parsley and boasting that it is 100 percent au naturel, with no gluten nor dairy, this vegan friendly meal was irresistible.

souuuuipTwo minutes in the microwave if that’s your thing, or gently heated through on the stove, will bring you one very filling, soothing and lip-smacking green soup. Served with your choice of bread, and in my case with dukkah and pistacchio hummus – I was ‘la bella vita’, living the good life, in no time.

Tasty Pot Co do meals, soups and salads with options for both vegans and vegetarians, with several being additionally gluten free. I’ve listed the vegan options below for the pleasure of your taste buds. You’re welcome.

Winter Warming Risotto
All Your Greens
Roast Veg Hotpot

Green Goodness Soup

Superfood (though do note that this one has honey as an ingredient)

To check out these beauties, and their vegetarian counterparts, head on over to

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