Get Angry. Then, Get Even 4

Gary Steel heard the night markets were really great.

IMG_0629FOR MONTHS I’D been hearing good things about these night markets in various car parks around Auckland.
Local magazines were raving, the Herald was drooling.
I was led to believe that going to the night market was like suddenly finding yourself in a foreign country. Or maybe, finding yourself in a bunch of foreign countries, simultaneously.
In other words, it was supposed to be like a global food court, with awesome, nicely priced edibles.
So, I decided to check out the Glenfield night market one Sunday night on the way to a concert.
They were right about one thing: it did have something of the hubbub and excitement of a street market in a foreign territory.
The problem was that I couldn’t find a single thing that was safe for a vegetarian to eat.
I slowly walked past (and gawked at) every single food vendor, looking for signs of genuine vegetarian fare. The majority of vendors seemed to be of Asian origin, and there was a vast supply of chicken and meat products, but out of probably close to 100 small takeaway shops, I didn’t see a single one that catered to vegetarians.
Auckland Night Market.png.opt614x365o0,0s614x365If you’ve been to a night market in Auckland, and had a different experience, I’d love to hear it, but that night, I traipsed around for what seemed like 30 minutes or more, and by the end of it I was sick and tired and somewhat depressed at the parade of bits of animal carcasses on display, and menus that assumed we all wanted to eat chickens and pigs.
I noticed one Indian vendor, and thought this would be my salvation. I mean, Indian restaurants generally devote at least part of their menu to vegetarian items. Alas, they seemed to have modified their menu to suit what they assumed would be exclusively a meat-eating frenzy.
By the end of this disheartening experience, I did the unthinkable: walked up the road to the local Burger Fuel, and bought a vegan burger that I knew had a tick from the Vegetarian Society.
I’m now really starting to build up a head of steam about the lack of catering to vegetarians and vegans in Auckland. How hard can it be in a situation like this for a percentage of vendors to provide for those of us who don’t want to participate in their horror?
It’s the year 2013, and although Auckland in general is well supplied with vegetarian food options, we shouldn’t have to feel like lepers in a situation like this. It’s just not good enough. GARY STEEL

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4 thoughts on “Get Angry. Then, Get Even

  • Glen

    Yeah I went to the Glenfield night market at the end of last year and was really disappointed too. The only vegan things to eat there were nuts and candyfloss!

  • David

    If your so concerned about a lack of vegetarian food and you seriously believe there to be a gap in the food stall market perhaps you should open your own stall in stead of complaining about the offerings of others.

  • Gary Steel Post author

    Frankly, David, that’s an idiotic comment. The people who run the night markets should be encouraging a variety of stallholders serving a variety of foods, and some of those should be vegetarian. Are you involved in the night markets by any chance, David?
    By your logic, if I want to see a better standard of public transport in Auckland, I should go and buy a bus. There’s no logic in that.
    And by the way, “your” means your shoe, your stall, your night market. “You’re” is a contraction of “you are”.