Days Of Our Lives

The return of CARRIE STEELE, who still eats plants, and is a walking miracle.


It’s a while since I’ve written anything, which is strangely odd, since I’m not usually known for being at a loss for words. The truth of it is, I’ve been down the road and back as to deciding whether anyone else in the universe has even the slightest interest in what I have to say. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that actually, that doesn’t matter – the writing is what matters. Like getting a prickle out of your foot, or a thorn out of your finger, writing helps purge the mind of thoughts and the heart of feelings that can bounce around inside and bruise.

So here I am, ready to talk again about my world, and the wide-reaching effects that becoming vegan has had on my life over the past six years.

In 2012 I didn’t envision that what started out as simply ditching the dairy (I was already vegetarian) would go on to become a whole new way of life or actually, more aptly, a whole new me. Sure, I’m still Carrie, but with a lot of rough edges knocked off and a heart and soul with a deeper capacity to be grateful for life. I hope my thoughts will make for some future interesting blogs.

When I first blogged back in 2012, I talked about being inspired by the words of my favourite song, Bob Dylan’s ‘Forever Young’. I still feel that way, and my new lifestyle is all about trying to remain in the best form I can, so that I can enjoy all the days of my life.

I am painfully aware that my efforts to live a healthier life don’t entitle me to any guarantee that I will live a day longer than anyone else, but I’m certain my efforts put me in better stead of being able to enjoy and fully live out the days I have to come.

We’ve all seen good people die too early, and sometimes suddenly in the prime of their lives, and equally, we see elderly people who live long lives often unable to really function for years; sometimes there seems to be no rhyme nor reason. But is our inability to understand what might best be described as the ‘cycle of life’ an excuse to throw in the towel? What if we all have a pre-determined ‘expiry date’? I don’t think that is quite the case, but maybe I’m wrong.

Regardless of what I think though, would that be reason to gobble up all the Big Mac’s and french fries we can stomach? Or to stop exercising? I don’t think so. If I knew when my last day on this planet was going to be, I wouldn’t change what I’m doing now. I’m finally living a lifestyle that pays gratitude to the absolutely miraculous human body, namely mine. I may not like bits of it, I may have preferred longer legs and a perkier ass, but I am a miracle all the same.

I turned 53 years old this month. I want to stay the way I am now for as long as I can, young at heart, but wiser than I was at 23, or 33, or even 43. Life is a journey, and I don’t want to miss any of the destinations.

My name is Carrie, and I eat plants. It’s good to be back. CARRIE STEELE


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