Cool Products Showcase #6


FOLLOWING ON FROM the coolest Cool Product Showcase yet, Nice Cream’s delicious coconut cream ice cream, we have yet another totally vegan icy-cold treat. This time I’m looking at Smooze Ice Blocks, which are made with a blend of fruit juice and coconut milk.

These little sachets of frozen yumminess were introduced to me by a friend as we were shopping for a short holiday excursion. They were on special at Wild Earth Organics in Tauranga, so we grabbed two boxes. Murphy’s Law intervened and the lovely bach we were staying at was equipped with everything except a freezer. So one box went home with me, and one with her. I popped my box in the freezer behind the usual bags of frozen berries and promptly forgot about it for a month or so.

One blazing summer Saturday morning, I arrived home after a great Bikram Yoga class, feeling good but as hot and sweaty as a chunk of Brie left in the sun for a week. Reaching into the fridge and freezer for smoothie ingredients, I registered the presence of the yellow box of Smooze lurking forlornly in the back of the freezer. Frozen juice sounded like the best thing ever, so I ripped into the box, grabbed a sachet, chopped the top off with a handy knife and crunched into an iciness that was something close to joy.

The Pineapple flavour has a sweet yet tart taste that’s crisp and refreshing, not too sweet, and with a nice creamy taste. They’re perfect for a quick snack or even a spontaneous dessert, and they’re fabulous on a hot day after a workout. Because they’re small and single serve, there’s just enough to hit the spot without adding a vast amount of calories, so they’re also ideal for people trying to get or stay slim – one of these and you’re done! That’s much easier to pull off than putting the lid back on a huge tub of ice cream. The ingredients are relatively innocuous too – yeah there’s cane sugar in there but the carb, sugar, fat and calorie counts are minimal because the servings are small.

So they’re small, tasty, available in four flavours (Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Mango, and Pink Guava) – sounds like a winner to me.

The list of stockists is below but if you can’t find them, you can order direct. ASHLEY KRAMER

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