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RICE IS RICE is rice, right? Not even close, I’m afraid. For one thing, different types of rice vary wildly as to how nutritious they are and in terms of their Glycemic Index, which measures how quickly the body digests and turns them into sugar.

As I discussed in this article, as rice is processed, its GI increases and its nutrition decreases. When faced with a choice between sticky white rice and brown rice, go for the brown rice every time.

There’s also a major difference in the flavor of rice – some types don’t taste like much at all, especially the highly processed white ones, but others can have a delicious nutty taste that really compliments vegetarian and vegan food.

I love Indian food, so it follows that I’m a fan of basmati rice. I’m also always looking for the lowest GI products I can find, so when I saw this bag of Flora Extra Long Grain Brown Basmati Rice on the shelves at my local Nosh store, I grabbed it in a hurry.

Long grain rice tends to have a lower GI than short grain versions, as do basmati and brown rice, so this extra long grain kind should have a very low GI and it should be quite nutritious to boot.

It also happens to be doubly delicious; in fact, it’s probably among the tastiest rice I’ve ever tried this side of certain kinds of exotic wild rice. The cherry on top is that it cooks up perfectly every time by following the directions on the back of the neat little zipped cloth bag – keep an eye on the water level and you’ll get it just right.

If you see it in-store somewhere, then I’d urge you to grab at least a few bags. I bought this one on special at just under $4, so it’s nowhere near as cheap as the no-name brand brown rice at the supermarket, but it really is a cut above that lot. I’m hoping to find a few bags at Nosh tomorrow. Failing that, I’ll track it down one way or another. It’s imported by Davis Trading, so a call to one of their local branches should get you the details of a nearby stockist. Try it; I’m sure you’ll like it.


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