Chef Jinu Abraham’s Raw Cabbage and Linseed Bread

THIS RECIPE IS for the rather excellent raw bread that Ashley Kramer enjoyed so much at Hectors Restaurant at the Heritage Hotel in downtown Auckland. It’s included as part of the new Raw Breakfast Bar that was reviewed here.

DrF-Jinus-raw-breadBread Ingredients

Linseed ground 30gm

Linseed whole 20gm

Almond, soaked and dehydrated, powder 250gm

Pickled cabbage or sauerkraut 125gm

Olice oil, extra virgin 1 tbsp

Sea salt, Marlborough Pinch

Parsley, chopped 1 tsp

Garlic, chopped 1 tsp

Rosemary, chopped 1 tsp


Mix together to get a dough consistency

Layout a film of cling wrap on the bench, turn out the “bread dough” on the cling wrap and roll it to form a cylinder with a flat base. Rest for 30 minutes and then slice the bread to about half a centimetre thick.

Dehydrate 2-3 hrs at 41C.

Raw Prune Preserve Ingredients

Prunes dried, otago 200 gm

Limes, juiced and zested 4 each

Orange, juiced and zested 2 each

Cinnamon powder half tsp


Soak for one hour and then blend to a preserve consistency.




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