Health related topics including weight control, allergies, fitness, food intolerance and preventative medicine

Rethink The Pink

Carrie Steele wonders why women are still subjecting themselves to invasive procedures that carry their own risks. Awareness is over-rated: prevention is the key.

The Joys Of Adaptation 1

Giving up junk is easy according to Ash Kramer, just eat the good stuff and see what happens.

What Price Organics? 1

Organic veggies give Ash Kramer peace of mind, while the conventional kinds make him more paranoid than usual. The organics taste better too.

Sacked By Spuds

Rachel Walker has got a broken heart. But she’ll get over it.

An Evening at Smoothie Club 4

Ash Kramer went along to Tauranga’s Smoothie Club to chat about hormones and to drink a mung bean smoothie. Has he lost it at last?