Food Intolerance

Managing food intolerance in a vegetarian diet

Sacked By Spuds

Rachel Walker has got a broken heart. But she’ll get over it.

Purple Corn Flour

New product from Matakana Super Foods is packed with antioxidants, a gluten free alternative to wheat… and it’s purple!

Green And Um… Clean

Almost one year ago, Rachel Walker wrote her first blog for Doctor Feelgood, and boy did she have problems. Here’s her annual progress report.

Vegan Angel 1

Rachel Walker talks to Alice Shopland of vegan ‘naughty treats’ company Angel Food, and the newly-launched Cherub line.

I Am A Vegan 5

Rachel Walker is a vegan with a difference. Make that a few differences. This is her introduction to what the crew at Doctor Feelgood hope will be an ongoing series.