Everything to do with animals including care, rescues and humour

Chicken, Or Egg?

Gary Steel suggests that the question is not ‘why did the chicken cross the road’, but ‘why did nobody stop for it?’

Rough Justice

Our courts are failing animals and perpetuating appalling attitudes towards animals.

Kitty Litter

Gareth Morgan is right about cats, but he’s a contemptible knob.

The Hobbit & Animal Abuse

There’s something missing from the argument about alleged animal abuse during the filming of The Hobbit, says Gary Steel.

Humanimal – Obscured By Clouds

Daily life of the vegetarian #12 THERE’S NOTHING THAT gets my blood boiling – yes, vegetarians do have blood in them – more than meat industry representatives pouncing on any opposition to their murderous operations. Their modus operandi is a kind of steamrollering of oppositional points of view. If anyone […]