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IN MY ONGOING quest to find the healthiest and most nutritious smoothie ever known, I’ve been adding more organic, whole, raw superfoods than ever to the old blender and dispensing with many of the powders I usually include.

This is the latest attempt. Inspired by a particularly intense cardio session, I got a little carried away as we’ll see, but this smoothie is packed with the good stuff.

It doesn't get greener or healthier than this - kale and scary dinosaur kale.

It doesn’t get greener or healthier than this – kale and scary dinosaur kale.

I’ve settled on the darkest of dark leafy greens as the base for most of my smoothies – organic kale, dinosaur kale or spinach, or all three in this case. Just tear the leaves off the stalks and give them a rinse before tearing them up into smaller pieces before blending.

The organic wheatgrass was a brainwave that I can only blame on fatigue and the excessive sweat dripping into my eyes as I shambled through the aisles of the local Huckleberry Farms store after training. Kramer logic made me assume that wheatgrass would be a great addition to my smoothies because it’s ultra-healthy, right?  Um yes, while that’s a sound idea in principle, the handful of wheatgrass hastily shoved into my blender as per the photo proved that this green wonder is best juiced. Perhaps a real blender would make short work of these stalks but my traveling bachelor’s $30 mini-blender didn’t like that idea at all. Much shaking and wobbling around the counter ensued, followed by a horrible noise as the grass tangled the little blades and brought the entire procedure to a grinding halt. Insert sadface here.

Not my best idea ever :(

Not my best idea ever 🙁

Cleaning out the grass and chopping it into millimetre fine chunks made the blender’s life a little easier, and from there things got into high gear – I swiftly made a litre or so of this to sip into the night. The end result is still a bit chewy (better blender to come) but it’s light, delicious (not at all too grassy tasting despite all the greenery in there) and it’s so good for you.


Dinosaur kale



Fresh pineapple


Finely (finely!) chopped wheatgrass

Tablespoon of NuZest Good Green Stuff powder

Two scoops Nuzest Clean Lean Protein powder (natural or vanilla)

Use enough banana to give it a relatively thick texture: you don’t want watery green juice here. Frozen berries can add thickness and they’ll also add some sweetness to the overall taste, but the banana and pineapple give it more than enough for me, so I’ve been skipping the berries. ASHLEY KRAMER



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