Ashley’s Secret Ingredient Haloumi Toasties 1

This local haloumi is super-tasty. The plain version works just as well.

I’VE BEEN A fan of haloumi cheese for as long as I can remember. This salty and tangy wonder of the cheese world is best fried, and forms the basis for amazing salads and sandwiches. This recipe is adapted (sans tofu) from the terrific tofu and haloumi sandwich once served by Jafa Café of Grey Lynn, Auckland. This recipe is good without the chutney and dip/pesto but spectacular with them – hence the “secret ingredient” status.


The Collective Dairy lemon and chilli haloumi




Lisa’s chunky rocket and parmesan dip or basil and ricotta pesto

Anathoth apricot chutney

Olive oil (Moutere Grove Organic olive oil from Nelson is delicious)

Salt and pepper to taste

Bread of your choice (best on freshly toasted ciabatta rolls or Vogel’s mixed grain toast)


Thinly slice the avo, onion and tomato

Fry the haloumi using a tiny bit of olive oil until it’s golden brown on both sides (this is best done by starting off with a hot pan and reducing the heat to about 70 percent a minute or so after putting in the cheese)

Place the hot haloumi on the bread, cover with onion, tomato and avo slices, slather on the dip or pesto, add a smear of the apricot chutney, drizzle on some olive oil and add some salt and a good dose of freshly cracked black pepper.

Enjoy. You’ll be back for more – my guests always are.


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