Monthly Archives: November 2012

The Hobbit & Animal Abuse

There’s something missing from the argument about alleged animal abuse during the filming of The Hobbit, says Gary Steel.

Indian Sweets 1

Ash Kramer takes a look at his favourite sweets of all – the ones from India

Changing Tastes 3

Ash Kramer looks at how going vegetarian and then (almost) vegan has changed his tastes.

Anyone For Ice Cream? 2

Carrie Steele takes a hard look at the inconvenient truths of the meat, egg and dairy industries and why we crave stuff that we know is bad for us.

Humanimal – Obscured By Clouds

Daily life of the vegetarian #12 THERE’S NOTHING THAT gets my blood boiling – yes, vegetarians do have blood in them – more than meat industry representatives pouncing on any opposition to their murderous operations. Their modus operandi is a kind of steamrollering of oppositional points of view. If anyone […]