Yearly Archives: 2012

Humanimal – A Long, Slow Death 5

“The likelihood is that the husband will die of heart disease shortly after retirement, and the wife will suffer a slow decline as her bone mass is flushed down the toilet.”

Humanimal – Safe As Milk 1

Daily life of the vegetarian #13 SO, FONTERRA IS extending its free milk in schools programme from its trial in Northland to the whole country next year. Fonterra chief Theo Spierings is against the idea of charity, and says it’s no more than a wise business decision for the mega-dairy […]

I Am A Vegan 5

Rachel Walker is a vegan with a difference. Make that a few differences. This is her introduction to what the crew at Doctor Feelgood hope will be an ongoing series.

The Hobbit & Animal Abuse

There’s something missing from the argument about alleged animal abuse during the filming of The Hobbit, says Gary Steel.

Indian Sweets 1

Ash Kramer takes a look at his favourite sweets of all – the ones from India